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Enhanced performance and capabilities with the keywords “High Speed” and “Large Size” as the tool for Professionals to meet the requirements of the coming large-scale application developments

Large trace buffer (4M/16M samples) High-speed command capability with optimized JTAG communication High-speed flash downloading High-speed software break capability Multi Core Device supportability Standard connectivity with Ethernet-100BASE-TX, USB 2.0 (Full Speed/High Speed)

System Configuration

High-Speed JTAG Command Large Trace Buffer
High-Speed JTAG Command Large Trace Buffer


Multi-Core Device Support

Hardware Synchronized Debug

The advicePRO can control multiple cores synchronously in real time.

Hardware Synchronized Debug

Software Synchronized Debug

  • Reset synchronous feature with multiple debuggers
  • Go synchronous feature with multiple debuggers
  • Stop/Break synchronous feature with multiple debuggers
Software Synchronized Debug


  OCD Model Full ICE Model
JTAG Clock Selectable in the range 2.5 KHz to 100 MHz
Software Break 1,024 points
Hardware Break Max. 16 points
(MPU’s specifications dependant)
Max. 16 points
OCD Break MPU’s OCD resources dependant
Flash Software Break Yes
Trace Sample 4M/16M samples
Time Stamp Max. 44-bit counter, Resolution: 20 nsec. or 100 nsec
Performance Measurement Measurement area: 2 areas, Time resolution: 20 nsec., Measurement time: Approx. 85 sec. or 97h
(supported with event or external trigger input (Both event and external trigger input may be required depending on module configuration.) )
JTAG Download RAM/Flash ROM
Speed: 2 MB/sec. or more
Coverage Measurement Size: 16MB
Measurement area: 4 areas
Area size: 4MB (equally divided)
Status: FT/R/W/RW
Profile Measurement Measurement area: 1024 areas
Measurement interval: 10.24 μs
Count: To be collected &
      counted by hardware
Emulation Memory Asynchronous emulation memory 16MB/32MB/64MB

Availability of the functions and features listed above varies depending on a model supporting each MPU/MCU and target environments. Also, the above table includes the features under development and the optional feature.


Supported Host PC/AT compatible
Supported OS Windows XP/2000
Host I/F USB: Full-Speed/High-Speed
Ethernet: 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
Debugger microVIEW-PLUS (Standard)
AC Adapter INPUT: AC100 to 240V, 50/60MHz
Dimensions 110 (H) ×157 (W) × 45 (D) (Unit: mm)
(For depth, 11mm per each extension module will be added.)
*The above dimension is the size of the main unit with no probe connected.

Download Catalog

advicePRO Catalog [PDF 1164KB]

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